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Concrete and Civic Concrete Tanks

With tank diameters from 3.3 mtrs to 20 mtrs and volume from 5,000 litres 2.5 megalitres with design certified loadings to 90Kpa.

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Crane lowering a concrete water tank mould into construction zoneBega Tanks provide the most cost efficient long term storage solution for underground, stormwater harvesting and above ground water and sewer systems.

With tanks sizes up to 2.5 megalitres, Bega Tanks have provided water retention tanks, storm water tanks, and detention tanks, to many local and state governments. Many of these works have been carried out in Eco-sensitive areas that have determined the manner of construction. Bega Tanks have been able to adapt to the situation and deliver within tight time constraints.

Monash University

CONCRETE TANK at Tooheys Factory

large concrete tanks for beer factory


CONCRETE TANK Below Ground Level

large commercial concrete tank cut into the ground surrounded with form work

CONCRETE TANKS for Eco-Sensitive Coastal Dunes

Recently Bega Tanks provided 36 water tanks for the ACT government. They were provided within the 90 days required and demonstrated their ability to work with new OHS and Site Security standards.

  • Bega Tanks crew member setting up commercial water tank mould for concrete pour
  • Bega Tanks crew working on and around the concrete water tank walls
  • Bega Tank crew inspecting completed underground concrete water tanks
  • Looking at concrete tank as crew member does work on tank roof


CONCRETE TANKS The Dept. Commerce Contract completed.

man walking between two large concrete water treatment tanks

Concrete pump truck parked next to two concrete water tank moulds getting ready to start pouringTwo Bega Tank crew members working on the wall of a concrete tank mould making some final preparations before a concrete pour

  • Scaffolding set up on side of tank as crew inspects and works on concrete tank project
  • View from above of two different sized concrete tanks after concrete moulds have been removed
  • Close up of the steel mesh used to reinforce the concrete
  • Commercial site works in preperation for concrete water tank

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