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Bega Concrete Tanks

Bega Concrete Tanks manufacture concrete water tanks in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. With a wide range of concrete water and sewer systems.

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Water is a precious commodity. We experience droughts and bush fires and at times flooding rain, much of which simply runs away and eventually empties into the ocean.There are distinct advantages in collecting and storing rainwater for use throughout the year.

  • Fire Protection – Water storage is required on all rural properties for fire protection and control.
  • It’s Free – It’s like money falling from the sky. Why not collect it and use it?
  • Fresher & Cleaner – Rainwater has not been contaminated by flowing over polluted catchment areas and has not been chemically treated like town water supplies.
  • Tastes & Smells Better – No chlorine odour, tea and coffee tastes better.
  • No Algae Growths – Algae cannot grow in a covered storage tank that has no sunlight.
  • Good For the Environment – Less reliance on town supplies not only saves you money but reduces the demand for building new dams and storage facilities and reduces stormwater overloads.


Bega Tanks use mobile construction crews that operate Australia wide. For information regarding your area Contact Bega Tanks.


Concrete is an extremely durable, natural product that becomes stronger with age. Water stored in concrete is always cool, clear and algae free with no off tastes or odours from plastics and rusting steel. It is less susceptible to vandalism and not subject to wind damage if empty.


Bega Concrete Tanks will construct your rainwater tank on site in one speedy operation, eliminating any seams, joins or weak points that can be a problem in other types of tanks. The design can be varied to suit your personal requirements, either above ground, partly submerged or completely submerged in the ground. An optional load bearing roof can be put onto the tank to be used in a number of ways, for example as a garage floor, gazebo or pergola floor, barbeque or clothesline areas. Your tank can be completely out of sight if required.


Bega concrete tanks are known for manufacturing high quality engineer designed water and sewer tanks to your needs. Established in 1988, we are market leaders in New South Wales and Victoria but travel Australia wide for commercial work, water treatment plants and overflow tanks. Underground tanks up to 90Kpa loading, tanks are designed for hydrostatic pressure and above ground including tanks up to 9 meters.

Our concrete tanks generally have a design life of 50 years. However 80-100 year design can be supplied. Being family owned gives clients that they’re dealing with a reputable company which can back their warranties up. We provide warranty for up to 25 years so you can get peace of mind that we are building high quality concrete tanks.

Tanks are built to Australian standards for concrete structures and retaining liquids as 3600-As. 3735.

We design, construct and certify giving a cost effective tank solution, whether above or below ground. Ranging from 5,000ltrs -2.5 mega litres.

We are market leaders in cost effective construction and design enabling a fast turnaround on site. Having worked for industry leaders such as Lang O’Rourke, Bouis Lendlease, Multiplex, Cockrams, Richard Crooke and many others. You can rely on us being on time and on budget to complete your water and sewerage projects.

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