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25,000 to 4,000,000 Litre Capacity

  • 25 Years Guarantee
  • We service Commercial Tanks Australia Wide (except WA)
  • We service Domestic Tanks within 300kms of Bega NSW
  • Affordable Prices
  • Estd. since 1988

Bega Concrete Tanks provide a cost-efficient long term water storage solution for above and underground water, stormwater harvesting and sewer systems. If you are worried about the budget and maintenance of your water storage system, meet the experts at Bega Concrete Tanks.

We are a water storage solutions company, which aims to help you end all your water storage concerns within your budget. We offer our clientele with the best quality concrete tanks at the most affordable rates.

Engineered, Designed, Installed

Using our certified engineered systems, our qualified site teams can install either our standard, your specified or customised concrete tanks on time and on budget.Our base and walls are designed and poured as one structural element providing a strong integral watertight reinforced concrete tank.We have been working in this industry for over 30 years and are well known for customer service, cost friendly rates, long lasting water storage solutions, and of course, highly qualified workforce. We only use certified engineered systems to install the concrete tanks at your premises and are always careful to do so within any given time constraints. Our tanks generally have a design life of 50 years. However, 80 to 100-year design life can be supplied. Our tanks are guaranteed for up to 25 years, so you have peace of mind that we are building high quality Commercial Concrete Tanks.

We Value Your Time and Money Like We Value Our Own!

Our tanks are constructed using robust engineered designed steel structured formwork that is mechanically bolted on site providing accurate and very strong shutters ensuring an efficiently quality built concrete tank on time every time. Not only do we promise to make no compromises on the quality of our work, but we also give you a reason to have confidence in us by providing all our concrete storage tanks with 25 years of guarantee. Not to mention, our concrete tanks have over 50 years of design life!

Choose from our Commercial Concrete Tanks

Our flexible range of commercial concrete tanks provides you with many options for water and sewage storage. Our exceptional work in this industry has enabled us to provide water retention tanks, stormwater tanks, and detention tanks to many local and state governments.

From our  Domestic Concrete Water Tank collection, you can choose to customise our rainwater tanks to suit your personal requirements. That is, you can choose for them to be above ground, underground or partly submerged just as you wish. You can also choose that they be completely invisible when installed or have a load bearing roof that can easily act like a floor to your garage.

Our people will make sure that the area where the tank is to be installed is thoroughly inspected and make sure that it is well prepared before beginning to work on the water storage system ensuring a long lasting and efficient water storage solution for your premises.

Please give us a call on 1800 241 246 or by emailing us any inquiries that you may have on enquiries@begatanks.com.au

Come talk to the experts - we engineer, design, build and install all our own tanks in-house