Commercial Flyer

30 Years Experience In Delivering Structured Engineered Systems

Bega Concrete Tanks provide the most cost efficient long term Water Storage Solution for above and underground water, stormwater harvesting and sewer systems.

Using our certified engineered systems, our qualified site teams install our standard, your specified or Customised Tanks on time and on budget.

Our base and walls are designed and poured as one structural element providing a strong integral watertight reinforced Concrete Tank.

Our Specialities

  • Storage solutions up to 4 Mega Litres
  • AS3600 and AS3735 compliance
  • Robust steel formwork systems
  • Load bearing concrete roofs
  • Standard or custom designs
  • Australia wide installations
  • Access hatches & ladders
  • Anti-Floatation designs
  • 50 – 100 year designs
  • Extended Warranties
  • Safe access systems