Industrial Concrete Tanks

High-Quality Industrial Concrete Tanks Available All Over Australia (excluding WA)

Bega Concrete Tanks provide the most cost-efficient long-term water storage solution for your Industrial Concrete Tanks needs, rainwater harvesting, and sewer systems. Water storage is essential, and almost everyone has to find a good water tank storage solution in their space. Are you worried about the cost and maintenance of your water storage system? Contact the experts at Bega Concrete Tanks.

Why Choose Us?

The Concrete Tanks at the Bega are designed and manufactured in AS3735 Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids, ensuring that our water storage tanks are of the highest quality and long-lasting. Our manufacturing process and water tank installation are robust, making our Concrete Tanks the most sought-after ones in Australia. We ensure that we supply a quality tank every time and that they last longer in any type of climatic condition.

Bega Tanks have been designing and manufacturing Concrete Tanks for several years. With extensive experience, we have gained the knowledge that naturally comes with being in the industry. We have continued developing our products to ensure that they meet customers’ changing needs.

Which Regions In Australia Do You Supply Your Industrial Concrete Tanks?

Our team at Bega Concrete Tanks provides its services all over Australia (except WA), and we have reliable stockists throughout the continent, which means you are never too far for installing a water tank!

Bega tanks are available throughout Australia (except WA). Every region in the continent (except WA) is serviced, including Sydney, Sydney’s surrounding areas, the central coast, central west part, far western region, northwestern region, the northern coast, the South West Slopes, and Riverina, the South Coast, and the Southern Highlands.

Why Should You Install Industrial Concrete Tanks In Your Space?

Be it your home or commercial space, the usage of water is a necessity. Having a large water tank is an effective way to conserve valuable water. Here are some more reasons to have Concrete Tanks installed in your space:

  • Cost-Effective: You will save cash for an extended period as it reduces the use of mains water.
  • No Restrictions: Keep using the required amount of water all day long and say goodbye to water shortages.
  • Water Self-Sufficiency: Say goodbye to the dependence on public water systems.
  • Environmental Concern: Reduces your reliance on dams and the strain on stormwater systems.
  • Preference to Health: The Industrial Water Tanks at Bega eliminate the chances of impurities. We make our tanks in such a manner that you and your people will get pure water for a very long time.

We Customise Water Tanks That Are Suitable For The Climate Of Australia!

The rainfall patterns vary from the dry areas of Western Australia through to the rich agricultural provinces of the country’s tablelands and western slopes to the subtropical coastal regions. This conflict in rainfall and temperature means people require special water tanks for rain harvesting and other purposes based on the requirements.

Our understanding of the rainfall patterns and the exact requirements for water tanks for each area sets us apart. It enables us to help our customers pick the right product for their individual needs. With multiple regions in Australia continually experiencing a damaging lack of rainfall, the storage of water and harnessing the natural source of rainwater is more crucial than ever. Hence, we propose installing our robust and large Industrial Water Tanks in your space.

Quality-assured Industrial Concrete Tank Solutions

Our expert tank construction service includes:

  • Over 25 years of trade experience in commercial tank manufacture.
  • Standard tank sizes range from 30,000 to 4,000,000 liters.
  • Custom sizes in any size made to build.
  • Storage solutions for water and chemical options
  • Custom design options are available to suit your needs or site conditions
  • Quality workmanship matches the Australian standards.

Custom Solutions

The team of Bega Concrete Tanks will work with you to design and construct the custom concrete tank you need. We can customise our tanks to meet your requirements. Some features of our strong tanks include:

  • Anti-buoyancy
  • Pits in the base of tanks
  • Sloping floors
  • Trafficable lids to take any size load
  • Heavy vehicle loading
  • Underground tanks
  • Access ladders supplied
  • Gatic & aluminium access lids with concrete risers

Contact Us

Bega Concrete Tanks are built to meet Australian quality standards, including AS3600 – Concrete Structures and AS3735 – Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids. The Bega Water Tanks team will travel anywhere in Australia (excluding WA) to bring you our unrivalled quality and service, no matter where your site is located.

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