Domestic Tanks

What Size Rainwater Tank Do You Need

The size you select should be based on the following considerations:

  • The intended use of the water, stand alone complete supply or simply to supplement your reticulated supply.
  • Rainfall in your area.
  • Available roof collection area, creek or bore supply.
  • Water usage (average family 1000 ltr/day).
  • For free advice on tank sizes contact your Bega Concrete Tanks consultant Robert Bland.

Where Bega Tanks Service

Bega Concrete Tanks repair and service residential / domestic concrete tanks within 300kms of Bega NSW

Why Concrete Rainwater Tanks

Concrete is an extremely durable, natural product that becomes stronger with age. Water stored in concrete is always cool, clear and algae free with no off tastes or odours from plastics (no plastic liners) and rusting steel. It is less susceptible to vandalism and not subject to damage from fire or wind if empty.

Cooler, Stronger & Lasts Longer

Domestic Tanks Poured On Site

Bega Concrete Tanks will construct your Rainwater Tank on site in one speedy operation, eliminating any seams, joins or weak points that can be a problem in other types of tanks. The design can be varied to suit your personal requirements, either above ground, partly submerged or completely submerged in the ground. An optional load bearing roof can be installed onto the tank to be used in a number of ways, for example as a garage floor or in a yard area as a gazebo floor. Your tank can be completely out of sight if required.

Why Bega Concrete Tanks

Quality & Experienced Tank builders for over 30 years with approved engineered designs. Bega Concrete Tanks have been established in the local area for over 25 years so many happy clients testify to their quality and efficiency with repeat business and referrals.

The Process

We want your Bega Concrete Tanks to be the Best Quality that we can build so prior to commencing construction it is essential that the site has been correctly prepared to the following guidelines.