We are a leading concrete tank solution company in Australia. Founded in 1988 Bega Concrete Tanks vision was to create a business that provides long lasting water and sewer storage solutions. We are quality & experienced tank builders for over 30 years with approved engineered designs.

We provide the most cost effective long term storage solution for above and underground water, stormwater harvesting and sewer systems in Australia wide. Our tanks generally have a design life of 50 years. However, 80 to 100 year design life can be supplied. Our tanks are guaranteed for up to 25 years so you have peace of mind that we are building high quality Concrete Tanks. Our Concrete Tanks start from 3.3 metres to 17 metres, and volumes up to 4 megalitres with design certified loadings to 90kPA.

Feel free to call us on 1800 241 246 should you require any information regarding your project. We provide Concrete Tanks for Commercial & Domestic use, Water Retention Tanks, Stormwater Tanks, Rainwater tanks and Detention Tanks to State Governments and Various locations Australia wide.

We Service These Locations: