Custom Concrete Tanks

Best-In-Class Custom Concrete Tanks In Australia

Bega Concrete Tanks is a leading manufacturer and supplier of underground and Change all Above ground water tanks and Custom Concrete Tanks and pits. We are an Australian-owned company and a family run business with the company’s Directors having several years of experience providing quality Concrete Tanks and Rainwater Tanks. In addition, we provide top-notch water storage solutions to Australian households.

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Water Storage Tanks by Bega are made from long-lasting, extra robust Reinforced Steel Concrete. With over 30 years of structural guarantee, any water tank from Bega Concrete Tanks efficiently provides a quality rainwater supply to your toilets and outdoor taps.

Commercial & Industrial Tanks — We Design and Construct Custom Concrete Tanks

We offer professional concrete water storage solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial applications in Australia over all the suburb regions. Each tank can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Over 25 years of trade experience in concrete tank construction allows us to establish complete custom tank solutions ranging from 30,000 to 4,000,000 litres. In addition, all our commercial concrete tanks can be designed and built to any site requirement with features including:

– Anti-buoyancy
– Sumps
– Sloping floors
– Trafficable lids to take any size load
– Buried deep underground
– Pits in the base of tanks
– Manholes in tank walls
– Access ladders supplied
– Gatic & aluminium access lids with concrete risers

FAQs About Custom Water Tanks

How much water can a customised underground concrete tank hold?

Underground water tanks come in various sizes – and we can custom-build them to create larger tanks based on your detailed requirements. At Bega Concrete Tanks, we offer concrete tanks in various sizes - refer to our most common tank sizes page.

In cases where you need more water storage capacity, we can interconnect multiple underground tanks to fit your needs.

Are underground tanks better than Above ground water tanks?

Many factors contribute to this. If you want to maximise space in your garden area, underground concrete tanks offer a significant advantage. For example, you can use your existing space for entertainment and other outdoor activities rather than giving up that space for water storage.

Also, underground Custom Concrete tanks aren’t susceptible to damage caused by harsh weather conditions, like wind, rain, bushfires and hail. You may save cash by installing your water pit in a secure space beneath the ground’s surface. And as they are not accessible to outsiders, they also tend to be safer.

However, above ground water tanks have particular benefits as well. For example, you have better choices when choosing the tank, and they are typically easier to fix if there’s a crack or some other damage.

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