Commercial Concrete Tanks

We design, engineer and construct Concrete tanks Commercial Concrete Tanks Australia Wide (except WA)

Commercial Concrete Tanks

With tank diameters from 4.5mts to 17mts and volumes up to 4 megalitres with design certified loadings to 90kPa, Bega Concrete Tanks provide cost efficient Long Term Storage Solution for above and underground, water, stormwater harvesting, sewer systems and other concrete tank requirements.

Bega Concrete Tanks have provided water retention tanks, stormwater tanks, and detention tanks to many local and state governments. Some of these have been carried out in Eco-sensitive areas that have determined the manner of construction. Bega Concrete Tanks have been able to adapt to the situation and deliver within tight time constraints.

Bega Concrete Tanks provide expert concrete water storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Each tank can be customised specifically to your or your property’s requirements.

Our concrete tanks are built for many solutions including concrete reservoirs, fire fighting, water storage, sewage holding, sewage treatment, oil & sludge holding tanks, waste treatment, settlement tanks, on site detention tanks, flowing ponds, feedlots and irrigation tanks.

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Bega’s expert tank construction service has the following features:

  • Over 25 years of trade experience in commercial tank development
  • Standard tanks capacities range from 30,000 to 4,000,000 litres.
  • Wide variety Of Concrete tanks with options that fit your needs.
  • Custom design choices are available to suit your requirements
  • Class-apart workmanship matching the Australian standards.

We have a vast number of standard tank sizes available. Customisation option also available.

Why Should You Install Concrete Tanks In Your Commercial Space?

Water needs in any building, be it residential or office space, cannot be ignored. Here are some reasons to have such concrete tanks installed in your area:

  • Cost-Effective: You can save money for an extended period as our durable tanks won’t wear off quickly.
  • No Restrictions: You can keep using water all year round and say goodbye permanently to water shortages.
  • Water Self-Sufficiency: Be free from the dependency on public water systems.
  • Preference to Health: Bega’s water tanks keep the usable water safe and away from impurities and harmful chemicals.

Tailored Tank Solutions

All our commercial and residential concrete tanks can be made for any site requirement with specialties including:

  • Anti-buoyancy
  • Pits in the base of tanks
  • Partitions in tanks
  • Sloping floors
  • Heavy vehicle loading
  • Underground installation
  • Access ladders supplied
  • Utility holes & risers supplies
  • Australian Standards Compliant

Bega’s Concrete Tanks are built to meet Australian quality standards, including AS3735 (Concrete Structures for Holding Liquids and AS3600). We construct concrete tank structures, throughout Australia our team will travel anywhere in Australia (excluding WA), to bring you our unrivalled quality and customer service.

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Bega Tanks provide excellent quality and budget friendly long term water storage solutions for above and underground water. Our water storage solutions are client specific. If you are concerned about the capital and maintenance of your water storage system, talk to one of the experts at Bega Concrete Tanks. We are a water storage solutions firm, which strives to help you till the end. Call us, and we will take care of all your water storage requirements.

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