Is rainwater safe to drink?

Rainwater is generally safe to drink, as long as you fit a filter to collect the debris and regularly clean the concrete tank to maintain water quality. You can check with your local council on how you can filter and process rainwater to make it safe for consumption.

What size tank should I get for my house?

The size of the tank depends on your water consumption and needs. On average, for a four to five-member household, the ideal size would be a concrete tank with a minimum 100,000 litres capacity if you live in an area with no town water. Some councils have restrictions on minimum sizes, so make sure you check with your council regarding size specifications.

How much does a concrete water tank cost?

The price of a Concrete Water Tank will vary depending on factors such as the location, the size of the tank and whether you want an above-ground tank or underground tank. To get a quick quote, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss the price with you in more detail.

Are there any grants or rebates available for rainwater tanks?

Yes, the NSW government does offer rebates for Rainwater Tanks.

What should I consider before purchasing a concrete water tank?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a concrete tank, you need to consider the following:

  • What size tank do I need?
  • Should I opt for an above or below ground tank?
  • What will I use the tank water for primarily (watering the plants, washing clothes, drinking water, showering)?
  • How much rainfall does my area typically receive?

Is an underground tank safe?

Yes. At Bega Tanks, we’ve been engineering and constructing Concrete Tanks for over three decades. Our tanks are top-notch and made to last for many years. When you choose to go with an underground tank, we will help you choose the right tank size, the right location for the tank and explain the whole process so you’re well informed about everything. Underground tanks are a great way to save space and you can even have a garage over an underground tank, as long as the tank roof loading capacity is accurate.

Is there a guarantee on the tank?

Our tanks come with 25 years guarantee so rest assured they will last a long, long time without any issues.

Are your tanks made in Australia?

Yes, all our concrete tanks are built on site and meet all Australian standards.

What type of roof is best for rainwater harvesting?

Both pitched and flat roofs are suitable for rainwater harvesting.

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