Quality & Environmental Assurance


Bega Concrete Tanks is committed to managing all aspects of our operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. We care about the environment and we ask our customers to do the same.

To ensure environmentally responsible behaviour is accepted as an integral part of our operations, we specifically undertake to:

  • Establish an Environmental Management System in order to help systematically reduce our impacts on the environment
  • Prevent pollution occurring from our activities and operations and conduct operations in compliance with relevant local environmental regulations, licenses and legislation
  • Communicate this policy to our employees, business associates and the wider community
  • Educate our employees and contractors on their environmental responsibilities and ensure
    this is integrated into their work practices, training and decision making
  • Implement and manage recycling systems for on site & off site activities
  • Continuously improve, measure & audit the environmental performance of our company.


Bega Concrete Tanks is responsible for the management, control, and oversight of all quality aspects for our project activities.

  • Will identify the systems and controls currently employed, or to be developed and implemented to consistently deliver projects that meet the requirements of customers
  • Implement site specific quality controls including, ITP’s and Checklists mirrored to specifications and design criteria.
  • Engineers inspections and on site concrete testing.
  • Project personnel are qualified to perform their respective tasks based on a combination of related experiences, education, and training.
  • Quality affecting documents, such as work-plans, operating procedures, and health and
    safety plans are prepared and controlled in accordance with approved processes.