What One Is the best Water Storage Solution for You Concrete Tanks “or” Plastic Tanks?

What One Is the best Water Storage Solution for You Concrete Tanks “or” Plastic Tanks?

  Tuesday 16th April, 2019

Yes, Concrete Water Tanks offer you a better Water or Rainwater Storage Solution compared to Plastic Tanks. The reasons are many:
1. Concrete Storage Tanks won’t poison your water the way Plastic Water Tanks will

There is generally very little wrong with rainwater as it cascades from the skies. However, when we store rainwater in plastic water tanks, it turns acidic.

The acid in the body is very bad for us. A corrosive, acid corrodes our body’s organs, destroying them over time.

Concrete Tanks will not acidify your water the way plastic water tanks will.

Your home, farm or industrial enterprise’s water supply reaches you via a network of copper pipes that were installed decades ago by the Government. This adds to the problem. The copper dissolves in water and causes gastric issues in our delicate digestive systems.

This can cause behavioural discomfort and therefore issues in both children and adults. It can also cause cirrhosis of the liver. Copper Poisoning is Real and was reported on ABC Australia’s South East New South Wales Web channel as far back as November 2010.

Concrete Tank Vs Platic tank

  1. Concrete Water Storage Solutions can withstand what Plastic Water Tanks simply cannot – BUSHFIRES

If you live in a Bush-fire prone area in New South Wales, then a Concrete Water Tank is what you ‘do’ need whether it is a Water Storage Solution we are talking about for your Home, Farm or Industrial or Government Enterprise.

Concrete Water Tanks aren’t damaged by fire- plastic tanks are destroyed by it.

An environmental health hazard, plastic tanks, even when melted down, continue to be toxic to the Earth – destroying all the microorganisms they come in contact with.

  1. Inground Concrete Tanks keep your water cooler and therefore healthier

Heat results in the growth of harmful algae and bacteria in Plastic Water Tanks that can cause Legionnaires disease, among other ailments. Legionnaires Disease is a type of pneumonia you can catch by inhaling the bacteria which lodge’s in one lung.

Because water stored in Concrete Water Tanks – particularly when they are inground – the water remains dark and cool – and free of harmful algae and bacteria.

  1. Concrete Water Tanks last longer than Plastic Water Tanks do

When it comes to durability, Plastic Tanks are no match for Concrete Water Tanks. Concrete Water Tanks, when built well, by reputed Concrete Water Storage Solutions Providers like Bega Water Tanks, can last upto 100 years.

Bega Water Tanks, in fact, with 30 years of experience building Water Tanks for Homes and Corporations, gives its clients a 25-year guarantee on its tanks which it builds in all sizes from 10,000 to 2 million litres.

If you’d like to discuss a Concrete Water Tank Solution or your Home, Farm or Organisation, please call Walter, our Head of Project Management on 1800 241 246. Or email us

Concrete Water Tanks Can Help Fight Droughts

  Monday 18th March, 2019

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Floods, droughts and wildfires are all part of life here. Droughts, in particular, are a very real problem in rural Australia. Farmers are hit the hardest, as their livelihood depends on having a regular water supply to keep their crops and cattle healthy and thriving. Our quality Concrete Storage Tanks are the ideal solution for those who live in drought-affected areas.


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