Concrete Water Tank — An Investment for the Future

Concrete Water Tank — An Investment for the Future

  Sunday 13th September, 2020

Rainwater harvesting has become a common practice these days. When installing a water tank I chose Concrete tank Sydney to store collected rainwater. With the world rapidly switching to rainwater harvesting as the solution for the water shortages, it is now very easy to install a rainwater harvesting system of your own. When storing the rainwater, it is important that the water stays pure and uncontaminated. The material of the water tank plays a role in how pure the water stays and for how long.

While looking for the perfect material for my rainwater tank, I found that there are a number of materials that are available:

Concrete water tank

Plastic water tank

Corrugated Steel and Enclosed Metal water tank
Fibreglass water tank

I settled on Concrete tank Sydney as the ideal material for rainwater storage. Concrete water tanks keep the water cool and are durable.

Benefits of Concrete Water Tank

Compared with the modern plastic or corrugated steel water tanks a Concrete tank Sydney water tank is better and more beneficial.

Low cost — Concrete is the most efficient and cheapest building material. It is easily available, easy to transport, and very cost-effective. This makes it an apt material for use in building a Concrete water tank.
Hygiene — A well maintained Concrete water tank will keep your water safe from contaminants. It is also effective in keeping algae away. Installing Concrete tank Sydney means you are keeping algae, bacteria, and other contaminants away from your rainwater. Concrete contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which reacts with the naturally acidic rainwater and makes it safe for consumption. With a good filtration system, the rainwater from a Concrete water tank can be used for drinking.
Durable — One of the biggest advantages of Concrete water tanks is their durability. Concrete tank Sydney can last upto 50 years. It can hold a minimum 3,800 litres and a maximum 11,500 litres (for underground tanks) of rainwater.
Better Water Quality — As rainwater is generally stored underground, the Concrete tank Sydney keeps the water cool and at an even temperature. Unlike other materials which cause the water to freeze in winters and warm up during summers. Because Concrete water tanks are solid material and are thicker, the chances of leaks are almost nil and it is better at keeping away outside dirt and contaminants.
Protection — A Concrete tank Sydney is built to withstand natural elements and changing weathers. A Concrete water tank will be able to sustain harshest weather conditions and also keep the water within the tank safe. Besides protection from the weather, Concrete tank Sydney is impenetrable and keeps away external elements from entering the tank and contaminating the stored rainwater.

While rainwater can be used for multiple purposes. I installed a further purification and filtration system to my Concrete tank Sydney so that it may be used for consumption.

With the constant depletion of resources and availability of fresh water being affected rainwater harvesting will become an essential part of our needs. A Concrete water tank is certainly an investment and will last for years to come.

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Benefits of Underground Rainwater Storage

Due to many factors ranging from unpredictable weather patterns to increased consumption, I chose to instal an underground Concrete water tank in my home to store water from my rainwater harvesting system. Many new house owners are choosing to install Concrete tanks Sydney for underground rainwater storage. Underground water tanks are typically useful for people who want to save space.


Your Guide To Cleaning and Maintaining Concrete Water Tanks

  Wednesday 21st October, 2020

When it comes to water tanks, concrete is the most preferred and widely used material. Concrete Water Tanks are usually made using reinforced cement concrete. Compared to other tanks, Concrete Tanks are very durable and last longer. If properly maintained, it lasts for several years. It keeps the water cool and is easy to clean and maintain.

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