Bega Tanks New Storm Water Harvesting Tanks at Alma Park Melbourne

Bega Tanks New Storm Water Harvesting Tanks at Alma Park Melbourne

  Monday 8th May, 2023

Bega Tanks is pleased to announce that it has just completed its latest project: the design and construction of Melbourne’s Alma Park Stormwater Harvesting Tanks. Through innovative techniques and materials, the Stormwater Harvesting Tanks proved highly successful whilst being both environmentally friendly and visually unobtrusive.

A major step forward for water conservation efforts in Melbourne, the ambitious water storage project included the construction of two underground concrete water tanks with a total storage capacity of 1.05 million litres of water.

The Problem

The Alma Park area was considered a prime location for more sustainable rainwater harvesting. However, the problem was that the large sports fields are occupied throughout the day and having large water tanks above ground might be aesthetically displeasing to locals and visitors alike.

The Solution

Bega Tanks, a New South Wales-based Concrete Water Tank and Water Storage Solutions provider was commissioned by City of Port Phillip Council through Simpson Constructions to install underground Concrete Tanks which would be out of sight and highly efficient. This was made possible through Melbourne Water Corporation as part of Victoria’s Living Rivers program.

The Result

Rob Bland, who led the project for Bega Tanks, said: “The project is significant because the tanks collect rainwater which would otherwise be lost, the rainwater is then used it to irrigate the large sports fields owned by City of Port Phillip Council.”

The economical, yet robust design ensures a high turnaround while being eco-friendly. The underground Concrete Water Harvesting Tanks helps to irrigate the local park at night to allow full use of the parks in the daytime and will service the community for many years to come.

To learn more about Bega Tanks and how the company can help you develop a sustainable and eco-friendly water storage solution, please call Rob Bland, Project leader on 1800 241 246.

Alternatively please email a query to bega tanks at