Does your Commercial Concrete Water Tank Manufacturer guarantee their tanks for 25 years?

Does your Commercial Concrete Water Tank Manufacturer guarantee their tanks for 25 years?

  Tuesday 22nd January, 2019

If you’re talking to a commercial water tank manufacturer and they are giving you a guarantee that’s anything less than 25 years, you must talk to us at Bega Tanks Australia.

Located in Regional New South Wales, in the urban centre of the picturesque Sapphire Coast, we have been designing and building ‘On-Pour’ and ‘On-site’ commercial concrete water tanks for nearly 30 years.

Our clients include Government Organisations like Bathurst Jail, big corporates like Tooheys Breweries, Medium to Large Farms, Wineries, Bed and Breakfasts as well as Families who seek a Rainwater Storage Solution that is healthier for them. We understand Concrete Water Tanks specifications – we get them right.

The last thing any organisation or farm-owner wants for a large scale project like a Commercial Concrete Water Tanks Solution is for it to go wrong.

With 30 years of experience backing us, we ensure we take time to sit down with our clients and discuss the project ‘at length’ before we proceed with it. We share drawings, designs and ensure they are signed off by all the signatories listed in project management documents our people have carefully put together on behalf of our clients.

Once we develop the Project Plan – we ensure we stick to it meticulously, knowing fully well that clients do not appreciate their projects running over budget or time.

Bega Tanks – what we do at a glance

Building new dams and storage facilities
A wide range of concrete water and sewer systems
Standard of work and materials
Over 30 years of experience
Experienced & affordable commercial and domestic concrete water tanks

Concrete Water Tanks

Concrete Water Tanks we’ve built:
The first concrete water tank for Tuggerah Regional Sports Complex
A 17, diameter tank (800,000 litres) Bawley Point (Willinga Park)
The final tank for Palmerston Hospital – Darwin, Northern Territories
A 140,000-litre domestic concrete water tank Gerringong, New South Wales –
A concrete water tank Farrar, NT
6 commercial concrete tanks constructed last year in Palmerston, Darwin NT (250,000 litres each)
140,000-litre tank for UGL in Riverina

Would you like to learn more about our business?

If so, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Bega Tanks, Bega Valley, New South Wales. We’d be happy to chat with you over the phone, at our office or yours. To contact us, please call us on 02 6494 1246

When it comes to Commercial water storage solutions, our reputation can strengthen yours.

  Monday 19th November, 2018

Put 30 years’ experience and a 25-year guarantee on tanks to work for you. It isn’t easy being a design or structural engineer in charge of a major water storage project like the construction of a Concrete Tank for a state or local government or a major corporation in New South Wales or Regional Australia.


Concrete Water Tanks Can Help Fight Droughts

  Monday 18th March, 2019

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Floods, droughts and wildfires are all part of life here. Droughts, in particular, are a very real problem in rural Australia. Farmers are hit the hardest, as their livelihood depends on having a regular water supply to keep their crops and cattle healthy and thriving. Our quality Concrete Storage Tanks are the ideal solution for those who live in drought-affected areas.

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