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Does your Commercial Concrete Water Tank Manufacturer guarantee their tanks for 25 years?

  Tuesday 22nd January, 2019

If you’re talking to a commercial water tank manufacturer and they are giving you a guarantee that’s anything less than 25 years, you must talk to us at Bega Tanks Australia. Located in Regional New South Wales, in the urban centre of the picturesque Sapphire Coast, we have been designing and building ‘On-Pour’ and ‘On-site’ commercial concrete water tanks for nearly 30 years.


When it comes to Commercial water storage solutions, our reputation can strengthen yours.

  Monday 19th November, 2018

Put 30 years’ experience and a 25-year guarantee on tanks to work for you. It isn’t easy being a design or structural engineer in charge of a major water storage project like the construction of a Concrete Tank for a state or local government or a major corporation in New South Wales or Regional Australia.



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