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A Comprehensive Guide to Underground Concrete Tanks: FAQs, Benefits and Practical Applications

  Monday 12th August, 2019

With Australia being highly prone to water shortages, more and more property owners are looking into investing in Concrete Water Storage Tanks. Being self-sufficient and prepared for any eventuality is now a top priority for every home and business. While those living in rural areas are most affected when a drought hits, city residents are not completely out of danger either. Water shortage can affect everyone, irrespective of whether you have...


How sites are prepared for underground domestic/commercial concrete water tanks in Melbourne

  Thursday 9th May, 2019

It is but common knowledge that the site where the Underground Concrete Water Tank is expected to be installed has to be inspected and prepared. This is the most crucial task in the whole process of tank installation and requires a great set of finely polished skills and the right set of equipment. Bega Concrete Tanks has both and is delighted to share with you, the crucial steps involved in the whole underground concrete tank installation...


What One Is the best Water Storage Solution for You Concrete Tanks “or” Plastic Tanks?

  Tuesday 16th April, 2019

Yes, Concrete Water Tanks offer you a better Water or Rainwater Storage Solution compared to Plastic Tanks. The reasons are many: 1. Concrete Storage Tanks won’t poison your water the way Plastic Water Tanks will. There is generally very little wrong with rainwater as it cascades from the skies. However, when we store rainwater in plastic water tanks, it turns acidic.


Concrete Water Tanks Can Help Fight Droughts

  Monday 18th March, 2019

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Floods, droughts and wildfires are all part of life here. Droughts, in particular, are a very real problem in rural Australia. Farmers are hit the hardest, as their livelihood depends on having a regular water supply to keep their crops and cattle healthy and thriving. Our quality Concrete Storage Tanks are the ideal solution for those who live in drought-affected areas.


Does your Commercial Concrete Water Tank Manufacturer guarantee their tanks for 25 years?

  Tuesday 22nd January, 2019

If you’re talking to a commercial water tank manufacturer and they are giving you a guarantee that’s anything less than 25 years, you must talk to us at Bega Tanks Australia. Located in Regional New South Wales, in the urban centre of the picturesque Sapphire Coast, we have been designing and building ‘On-Pour’ and ‘On-site’ commercial concrete water tanks for nearly 30 years.



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