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When it comes to Commercial water storage solutions, our reputation can strengthen yours.

  Monday 19th November, 2018

Put 30 years’ experience and a 25-year guarantee on tanks to work for you. It isn’t easy being a design or structural engineer in charge of a major water storage project like the construction of a Concrete Tank for a state or local government or a major corporation in New South Wales or Regional Australia.


Try us for concrete tanks that are built as tough as Toyota Hilux’s are

  Friday 19th October, 2018
  Categories: Concrete Tanks

We supply commercial and domestic tanks from 2 million to 40 million litres or more. When you’ve been building tanks for as long as we have, it’s not a job anymore, it’s a passion.


Why Investing in Concrete Water Tanks Is A Smart Decision?

  Thursday 20th September, 2018

An underground concrete water storage tanks offer a lot of benefits. You do not need to lose your garden or garage space on your property with an underground concrete water storage tank since they are completely hidden below the ground, maintaining the visual appeal of your home. Underground water tanks are available in materials such as plastic, fiberglass and concrete. But for domestic and commercial purposes we suggest concrete for large...


What Are the Different Types of Water Tanks Available and Which One Should You Choose?

  Tuesday 18th September, 2018

Residential or commercial, when a water tank is needed, you should get the best tank for your property type, as well as your needs. There are different materials used in the construction of tanks, so which is the best? That will depend on your property and needs! However, it is essential that you choose the right water storage tank, or you could end up with water contamination and repairs. Bega Concrete Tanks offers the following information...



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