How A Concrete Water Tank Can Help You Fight A Bushfire

How A Concrete Water Tank Can Help You Fight A Bushfire

  Friday 14th February, 2020

Australia has been experiencing some of the most extreme bushfires in recent times. For this reason, a Concrete Water Tank should be part of your plan and is an essential way of getting the water needed for both preventative measures and in battling fires.

With the potential to destroy property, livelihoods and even threaten lives – it’s important to prepare yourself with a survival plan to fight the good fight in protecting your land against bushfires.

Whether it’s a Domestic Water Tank or Commercial Concrete Water Tank, a Concrete Water tank is designed to be extremely durable under harsh conditions such as blazing fires.

The Danger of Plastic Water Tanks

Cheaper tanks such as plastic water tanks risk being destroyed during a fire in a matter of hours which would then prevent access to the much-needed water you need for extinguishing fires. Despite this risk, plastic tanks are a standard in many rural homes due to their cheap installation and costs. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry: knowing that you could have protected your home with a vast water source after your plastic tank – and property – has been ravaged by fires just adds insult to the injury.

Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind: The Safety Benefits of Underground Concrete Water Tanks

You also have the option of an Underground Concrete Water Tank which ensures your tank is even more durable and protected from the elements. With the most common tanks ranging from holding 15,000 litres to 523,000 (more suited to Commercial Water Tanks), you have access to a powerful water source, whose durability can bring some peace of mind.

Bega Tanks Makes Concrete Water Tanks You Can Rely on In Any Situation

When it comes to Concrete Water Tanks, Bega Tanks is uncompromising in quality, durability, safety and functionality. We come with the guarantee of providing the most protective and long-lasting Water Tanks in Australia, installed by reliable professionals with an unrivalled level of workmanship. We also provide more customized tanks, with consideration to your needs, property and surrounding environment. For Australia’s chosen Water Tank provider and installer since 1988, let Bega Tanks give you the extra protection you need to protect your home, business or property.

Bega Tanks: Australia Chosen Provider of Concrete Water Tanks

Bega Tanks is a trusted provider of reliable Domestic as well as Commercial Concrete Water Tanks for countless Australian homes, businesses, industrial areas and more. We provide the Water Tanks you can count on at affordable prices and we cover Australia Wide.

Contact us today at 1800 241 246 or get a quote online.

Your Guide To Underground Concrete Water Tanks

  Friday 14th February, 2020

All across Australia, countless people are realizing the exceptional benefits of choosing an Underground Concrete Water Tank as their water storage solution. Thanks to their incomparable durability, efficiency and affordability, the Underground Concrete Water Tank is now seen as a vital part of a home and other types of premises in rural areas. When you choose a reliable supplier of Concrete Tanks such as Bega Tanks, you get the peace of mind...


Why Australians Choose Us For Their Long Term Water Tanks

  Friday 24th April, 2020

Bega Concrete Tanks are Australia’s most trusted and cost-efficient brand for long term water storage for both above and under groundwater, stormwater and sewer systems. Supplied by our qualified site teams, the base and walls are engineered as one structural element, setting our tanks apart as being the strongest and most watertight in the industry.

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