Why Australians Choose Us For Their Long Term Water Tanks

Why Australians Choose Us For Their Long Term Water Tanks

  Friday 24th April, 2020

Bega Concrete Tanks are Australia’s most trusted and cost-efficient brand for long term water storage for both above and under groundwater, stormwater and sewer systems.

Supplied by our qualified site teams, the base and walls are engineered as one structural element, setting our tanks apart as being the strongest and most watertight in the industry.

We also provide the option for our standard tanks, your own specified tank or tanks customised on a budget that suits you.

Through this design as well as a steel-structured framework that is bolted on site for accuracy, Bega Concrete Tanks are able to achieve a general life-span of 50 years with a guarantee of up to 25, though we give the option for tanks that have an 80 to 100-year design life.

Bega Concrete Tanks are meticulously designed and constructed by the best engineers to guarantee a quality-built product, which is why we are Australia’s best-loved and most trusted brand for long term water tanks.

Concrete Tanks


The size and type of tank you require depend on various factors including:

The amount of rainfall in your location.
The amount of roof collection area available or surrounding environment including nearby creeks.
Your intended use such as having a stand-alone water supply, or to simply supplement your reticulated supply.
The amount of household water use.

For further advice and information on Tank Sizes contact your Bega Concrete Tanks consultant Robert Bland.


Bega Concrete Tanks have mobile construction crews that are available throughout all of South Eastern Australia including NSW, ACT and Victoria.


Concrete tanks are the most durable and get stronger with age. Not only that, but their collected water also is algae free and is absent of off-tastes and odours from plastics (they have no plastics liners). Concrete tanks are much less likely to be vandalised and not subject to damage from fire or wind if empty.


Bega Concrete Tanks’ mobile construction teams will swiftly construct your rainwater tank on site whilst efficiently eliminating any potential problems such as seams or weak points, ensuring that we provide you with the best product in less time. There are many customisable options to suit your personal needs such as having the tank above or below ground, partly submerged and even having a load bear roof onto the tank which could double as a garage floor or gazebo floor in the yard.


Bega Concrete Tanks have over 30 years of experience with approved engineered designs, and so we have had a lot of time to constantly perfect our tanks! It isn’t hard to see the quality of our product and construction team with the thousands of happy clients testifying to our quality, speed and efficiency.


It is important to us at Bega Concrete Tanks that our clients have the best possible product for their specific needs, so it is essential that the site and is prepared for in the following ways.


Bega Concrete Tanks are the frontrunners in innovation and quality design for concrete water and sewer tanks Australia wide. With our certified engineering and meticulous pursuit of perfection, our products are known as the best in Australia.
Founded in 1988, Bega Concrete Tanks began with the vision of producing the highest quality water and sewer storage solutions, and with over 30 years of experience, our vision has not changed as we constantly improve every aspect of our constructions and methods.

Bega Concrete Tanks are built to Australian Standards AS 3600 Concrete Structures and AS 3735 Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids. We have also worked with the best industry leaders including Lang O’Rourke, Lendlease, Multiplex, Cockram and Richard Crookes.
Not only are our tanks of the highest quality, but we can also guarantee that our friendly mobile construction teams will be on time, time-efficient and have a knack for problem-solving, in order to ensure that our clients all walk away happy.

Feel free to call us for any questions about your project and we will do our best to help! 1800 241 246.

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