Why Your Property Needs a Concrete Water Storage Tank

Why Your Property Needs a Concrete Water Storage Tank

  Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you may be thinking of installing a Water Storage Tank within your premises. With global warming and climate change, everyone has become more vigilant about what happens on the planet. With consistent rainfall, it would be a terrible waste not to harness the clean water coming from the sky.

At Bega Tanks, we provide the best concrete tanks in the market to fit your needs. Just give us a call so we can give you an initial assessment and estimate. It would be debilitating for any property not to have water. It is also highly frustrating when water pressure is low. As such, you need a Concrete Water Tank to ensure boundless water supply. Consider the following benefits of a Concrete Tank:

Assures Security of Water Source and Supply

When you have a backup Water Storage Tank from Bega Tanks, you will always have consistent water supply no matter what happens. Having rainwater as the reserve supply in your tank means you don’t have to worry about water interruptions should there be issues with your main supply line. Whether there is a hosepipe ban in summer, the main valve is shut off by the water company for maintenance, or the well water supply is dead due to a power issue, you will have a continuous water supply for your household’s needs.

Offers Flexibility in Terms of Location

Your Concrete Water Tank gives you flexible options because of our broad range of product offerings. Bega Tanks accords you freedom of choice. If you don’t want the design to hurt the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings, you can have your tank placed in an obscure location. However, if you have commercial or agricultural use for the water, then it may be more convenient to have this placed near where you need it the most. We also have small tank sizes that are fit to serve residential homes.

Provides Great Value for Money

Noteworthy, installing your water Concrete Tank provides great value for money:

It assures you can save on your water utility monthly bills.
Our affordable tanks come in various sizes to meet your budget specifications.
Though buying a product from our Bega Tanks line will cost an initial investment, the potential long-term return outweighs the cost of set up.

It’s a total win-win scenario!

Final Wrap Up

If you need a water storage solution, our team at Bega Tanks will be happy to work with you. Just call us at 1800 241 246 or drop us a line here. Remember, water is life so you must make sure you always have access to clean, potable water.

Important Factors To Consider When Installing A Concrete Water Tank For Your Home

  Wednesday 18th November, 2020

Water storage tanks can serve various uses for households, with one of their primary functions being to store clean and potable water. However, nowadays, there are several water tanks available in the market, so you may be confused about which one you should get. If you plan to install a Concrete Tank in your home, you can consider these factors provided by Bega Tanks to guide you in your decision.

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