How To Fix Leaking Water Storage Tanks?

How To Fix Leaking Water Storage Tanks?

  Wednesday 12th January, 2022

Leaking or Damaged Concrete Water Storage Tanks is a common problem many Australian households face. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to this problem, but you can always find out why there’s a leakage in your water tank and how to temporarily fix it to avoid further damage. But, for fixing your Concrete Water Tank for a longer run, you will need the help of a professional.

This blog has specified a few reasons why you should quickly fix your Water Storage Tank. A leaking tank can lead to a lot of danger which we have mentioned below, so let’s dive right into it.

What Are The Aftereffects Of Leaking Water Storage Tanks?

A typical issue with most older water tanks is that individuals tend to ignore the Leakage. A leaking tank can lead to several problems down the line, including:

  • Enlarged Breaks – Leakage in a poly tank can lead to more extensive splitting of the water tank if left unattended for long periods.
  • Damp Areas – Water leaking can cause long term moist areas around the base of your water tank and induce subsiding of your rainwater tank. This can lead to significant problems that may affect the foundations of your home.
  • Pests – Long term wet areas caused by your leaking concrete water tank can attract horrible pests like termites.

How to Prevent Concrete Water Tank Leakages?

It is always a great idea to check your rainwater tanks and other concrete water tanks to ensure there are no cracks in or around your poly water tanks and your linked pipework from your tanks to your water pump, as these may need attention.

It is essential to check the pipes running from your house channels to your concrete tanks as these can get blocked up by small stones, sticks or dead leaf matter.

Blockages can cause wetness in the surrounding areas of your tank, which eventually affects the foundations of your home and ends up being heavy on your pocket with costly repairs. However, as mentioned above, wet areas may also cause a termite infestation around your concrete water tank.

Other things to check on your water tanks are the maintenance hole strainers, and your plastic tanks burst pipe strainers. Since the water tank installation, we observe that households never clean the items mentioned above on multiple concrete tank repair jobs. This leads to damage or Leakage in the rainwater tank or Concrete Water Storage Tanks. Hence, proper maintenance and a regular check-up of your water tank is a must. You must seek professional help to do the same.

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